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Mindful Play Therapy

David Klingman, LCSW, CHT

Does your child have emotional outbursts seemingly out of nowhere?  Does your child seem distant, sad and disconnected?  Is your child having trouble expressing him/herself or connecting with peers?


Being a parent can be the most meaningful and fulfilling experience we will ever have in our lives, and also sometimes the most challenging, exhausting, and emotionally overwhelming.  The truth is that no matter how strongly we love our children, and how powerfully we want the best for them, life's challenges can still get in the way of our kids being able to thrive as their best, most emotionally regulated selves.

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My Approach

I believe that all people are born with an innate sense of self-value, emotional wholeness, connection to others, and connection to a larger expansive universe. Yet along the pathways of life it can be easy to lose track of our selfhood in the face of internal or external conflict, and we can become wounded when it seems that the world has violated our own innate self-understanding and right to exist.

Through play therapy and parent coaching it is my goal to help your child work through challenging emotions, better regulate in moments of distress, improve self-esteem, and feel more connected in relationship with peers and caregivers.  Within a safe and comfortable environment, I will support you and your kiddo in feeling at ease and engaged in a therapeutic process of growth and change.

I offer a holistic approach to promoting children's emotional well-being through a combination of Play Therapy and Parent Consultation. With a deep understanding of the importance of healthy parent-child dynamics, I employ Play Therapy to provide a safe and engaging space for children to express their thoughts and feelings. Through creative and age-appropriate activities, children learn to navigate challenges and develop coping skills.


Parent Coaching and Consultation are integral parts of my approach, equipping parents with valuable insights and effective strategies to foster positive interactions with their children. By fostering open communication and understanding, I aim to strengthen the parent-child bond while supporting the child's emotional growth and development.

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