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Hakomi Therapy

Bringing mindfulness to therapy

In my adult psychotherapy practice I primarily draw upon Hakomi Therapy, a method of mindfulness-based, somatic psychotherapy that places trust in the client’s innate, internal selfhood to naturally unfold toward greater wholeness and integration.


The Hakomi method utilizes mindfulness and experiential internal study to help shepherd the body’s organic connection to an individual’s own aliveness, and allows emotional wounds to heal through greater self-illumination within a safe, therapeutic relationship.


By carefully tracking and exploring our emotions, sensations and memories in a state of mindful curiosity, we can shortcut the therapeutic process and more rapidly reach the core material that drives our present day strategies for navigating the world.  Only within a state of connecting to our own core self can we begin healing our perceived wounds and return to our aliveness, wholeness, and strength.

Learn more about Hakomi Therapy at the Hakomi Institute.

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