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Head shot happy young woman cuddling talking to small kid son, having fun together on couc

Consultation & Coaching

Learn regulation strategies and change your child's behavior at home.

While in-person play therapy can have huge lasting benefits for your child’s nervous system and behavior, the relationship that your child has with YOU will always be the most important factor toward change!

Through parent consultation and coaching I will guide you toward helping your child better regulate at home, giving you the tools to shift your child’s behavior, reduce the meltdowns, and bring greater connection and tranquility to your family system.  Parent coaching is conducted virtually, and we will discuss your child’s brain development, a model toward regulation, and specific strategies to help your child with mindfulness and regulation during moments of overwhelm.


There is no ongoing commitment for parent consultation, and parents are welcome to try one virtual parent session to see if you find it helpful, and then schedule additional sessions as needed.  Often parents gain a lot of benefit from 3-6 virtual parent sessions.

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